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  1. That to live by one man's will became the cause of all men's misery. Richard Hooker
  2. The feminist movement in Eastern Europe: struggles in a changing landscape opendemocracy.net/en/5050/feminist-movement-europe-eurasia-ukraine-armenia-poland-georgia/ Bondar worries about the next steps for women’s rights organisations that have been working only on humanitarian aid services since the invasion.
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  3. Yon foaming flood seems motionless as ice; its dizzy turbulence eludes the eye, frozen by distance. William Wordsworth
  4. CW: Effects of Racism Online racial harassment leads to lower academic confidence for Black and Hispanic students theconversation.com/online-racial-harassment-leads-to-lower-academic-confidence-for-black-and-hispanic-students-197515 Additionally, students who observed more online racial harassment or discrimination suffered more… mastodon.social/@jcolag/109778530726643178
  5. On my blog: Developer Diary, Fred Korematsu Day john.colagioia.net/blog/2023/01/30/korematsu.html #programming #project #devjournal
  6. On my blog: Free Culture Book Club — Life Blood, chapters 14 – 16 john.colagioia.net/blog/2023/01/28/life-blood-5.html #freeculture #bookclub
  7. On my blog: Toots 🐘 from 01/23 to 01/27 john.colagioia.net/blog/2023/01/27/week.html #linkdump #mastodon #socialmedia #week
  8. Lost money is bewailed with deeper sighs / Than friends, or kindred, and with louder cries. Juvenal
  9. Unearthed Ajami script dispels colonial myth futurity.org/ajami-script-2859702-2/ But the note wasn’t in French, it was in a script that looked like Arabic, but sounded like Wolof, a regional West Atlantic language.
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  10. On my blog: Real Life in Star Trek, The Dauphin john.colagioia.net/blog/2023/01/26/dauphin.html #scifi #startrek #closereading
  11. Virtue beameth from a generous spirit as light from the moon, or as brilliancy from Jupiter. Nizāmī Ganje'i
  12. Asian Americans mark Lunar New Year in new ways share.america.gov/asian-americans-mark-lunar-new-year/ For the first time in 2023, it will be an official holiday in California, home to the United States’ largest Asian American population (6 million people).
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  13. Let a man accept with confidence valuable knowledge even from a person of low degree, good instruction regarding duty even from a humble man... Manu
  14. America’s Inequality Problem in One Statistic otherwords.org/americas-inequality-problem-in-one-statistic/ The typical CEO of a big U.S. corporation...had to work less than one hour more to make $36,460, the average annual pay for a pre-K teacher.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  15. The surest pledge of a deathless name is the silent homage of thoughts unspoken. Henry W. Longfellow


  1. …in reply to @AkilahObviously
    @AkilahObviously @designmom The story goes that Pretty Boy Floyd was impossible to catch for so long because, when he'd rob a bank, he burned all the mortgage paperwork on his way out. No witnesses ever saw him, for some reason...
  2. …in reply to @SteveSchmidtSES
    @SteveSchmidtSES Yeah, when they outright call people voting a "power grab" and admit that they're doing this because they can't win otherwise, MAYBE the country should stop treating them like a political party.
  3. …in reply to @AnActualOrisa
    @TheEbiraWitch @designmom Yep. In so many cases, "logic" and "practical" are code for: I know it hurts your feelings to be called over-emotional, so I'm going to exploit that and think I've cornered you into accepting that this is the only option...
  4. …in reply to @Neo_url
    @Neo_url @designmom As soon as people started talking about "hey, this self-quarantine thing is a lot like what a general strike would look like," officials started screaming about re-opening the economy ASAP.
  5. …in reply to @emrazz
    @emrazz And let's not forget what a big deal protecting children was, by the way, when it was happening in the basements of pizza parlors with no basements!
  6. Trump Rallies Linked to More Than 30,000 COVID Cases and 700 Deaths: Study vice.com/en/article/v7mmxm/trump-rallies-linked-to-more-than-30000-covid-cases-and-700-deaths-study About two weeks after that rally, Tulsa County reported that it was now dealing with hundreds of new coronavirus infections—a record at the time.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API

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